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As you may have already realised here at mobilife we love our apps and this week I’m bringing you my latest obsession as our app of the week, a game called Flow which is a puzzle game that is simple yet addictive.

Flow, or Flow Free as it’s called on App Store is brought to us by Big Duck Games, a relatively unknown development company but this one game has become a number one hit on Google Play. Have no fear as this app is available on both Google Play and Apple’s App Store, so can be played on a plethora of devices including the iPad, iPad mini and iPhone 5 as well as all Android devices running v2.2 Froyo or above, so these days almost all Android devices.

The puzzle game itself is simple. Connect matching colors with pipe to create a flow, and pair all the colours to cover the entire board to solve each puzzle. The only stipulation is that you can’t overlap pipes, as if you do they break the chain. There are two ways to complete each level, one being to just complete it with as many attempts as you like to fill the board, the other is fill it by flowing one colour at a time and completing the flow, before moving on to a different colour. Enough talk, here’s a video….

As you can see the game starts off easy, with a 5×5 board to fill, which in time and successful level completions will move on to 6′s, 7′s, 8′s and 9×9 boards. The game also supports use on a tablet, to which I have been going through systematically on my Nexus 7 as it offers a Jumbo Pack for tablets, which starts with 10×10 boards and goes up to 14×14 boards.

Needless to say these would be quite difficult on a phone, though I have so far done all the 10×10 and 11×11 boards on my Samsung Galaxy Note II. Thisdoes have a huge 5.55″ screen so it’s half way there in terms of the size of a tablet! Need I remind you this game is completely addictive? I cannot leave a level until I have completed it to perfect standard, so doing a colour at a time, without chopping and changing.

Once again, this game is free and available on iOS and Android devices, so what are you waiting for? I have already got Neil addicted to this game, who else can I help out?

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