App of the Week: Grand Theft Auto Vice City

gtavcicon After a slight hiccup last week with the release of Grand theft Auto Vice City for Android, I was overjoyed today to download it and play it in the office “to review it for a blog”. GTA Vice City now celebrates its 10 year anniversary and I for one cannot believe it has been that long since I played it on my Sony PS2. What a way to commemorate the anniversary, to port it onto mobile devices running Apple’s iOS or Android operating systems.


If you have ever played Grand Theft Auto before, you will be no stranger to the way this game plays, but for those that haven’t, GTA Vice City is set in the 1980′s and this story is the rise of one man’s struggle to the top of the criminal underworld. Vice City, the back drop for this game is a vast city with an array of clubs, joints and streets to race cars in, kill men and women in and partake in the story’s missions to work your way to the top. The game for android or iOS follows the same story line as it did for the PS2 and xbox 360, with you being the character of Tommy, with the videos between gameplay being the same as originally on the PS2 and Xbox 360 versions.

The graphics of this game are exceptional. It is like playing Grand Theft Auto Vice City through your PS2 on a small-screened TV, but ultimately it is down to the screen size of your phone. Testing this on the Samsung Galaxy Note II was sublime, a perfect excuse for such a large sized screen. You may also need a phone with a fairly strong processor is needed, for the lowest spec Android phone has a 1GHz processor, but in true spirit, more power is always better.

GTA Vice City gameplay

The game features on screen controls,  on the left is a joystick to move forward, back, left and right whilst there are 3 buttons on right to get in/out of car, punch/fire weapon and run. Once in vehicle several controls appear. On the left of screen you get left and right on screen buttons to steer car/bike and on the right you get buttons to change view, horn, handbrake, accelerate and brake whilst the button to get in/out a vehicle remains static.

Downloading on office wifi (painfully slow connection speed) it took over an hour to download so by the time it had completed its download of 1.39GB and I had played it for
10 mins I couldn’t refund, as Google Play only offer a 15min window and sadly that time
had already lapsed before I had even started playing. This is better than iOS that don’t offer any refund option, unless you send an email to their support team and include your full life story diatribe, which for the sake of £2.99 (£3.74 on Google Play Store) it just isn’t worth it, and honestly, it’s not a game you will want to refund as it is incredible! It is just a shame the 15 minutes on Google Play don’t start once the download is complete.Vice City Map

Not only do you get to drive cars, ride motorbikes, shoot guns, carry baseball bats and pick up prostitutes for good times, you get to commit untold amounts of criminal activities and relive the glory days of the 80′s! The only downside I can see to this game, is that I now have Mr. Mister’s Take These Broken Wings and The Buggles’ Video Killed the Radio Star
songs stuck in my head for the rest of the day. All radio stations from the full game are present in the mobile version, although I do feel the only station to listen to is Flash FM!

In my opinion this is a great game for those that have played Grand Theft Auto games before and want to do it again on their mobile devices, or those new to it that want to give it a go, it won’t disappoint.

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