App of the Week: Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2This is the app we’ve been waiting on since the first iteration of Temple Run came out and we got bored of it so finally the long overdue and highly anticipated Temple Run 2 has come to our phones, in the form of an iOS, Amazon or Android app.

Temple Run 2 is from the developers Imangi Studios and follows on from the hugely successful Temple Run app which redefined mobile gaming, with over 170 million downloads. We are told we get a more exhilirating running, jumping, turning and sliding game with Temple Run 2 along with fantastic new graphics, new environments, obstacles and forms of movement coupled with a wider variety of powerups, more achievements to unlock and a much bigger demonic monkey!

Temple Run

The app uses different gesture controls for a truly interactive experience, where you swipe left and right to turn, swipe up to jump and down to slide, whilst you tilt the screen to the left and right to collect coins. This time there are different tokens to jump and collect, like green gems which give you a chance to carry on where you die, much like the angel wings did in the first game, but gems can’t be purchased, they are gained by jumping to collect and passing certain check points.of the free apps list.

Temple Run 2 hit the App Store for iOS 16th January and within 12 hours had reached top free apps chart. Within 24 hours the game had racked up an outstanding six million downloads and in 4 days totaled some 20 million downloads, so we can expect to see similar results now it is out on Android. Temple Run 2 came to Android Play Store 28th Jan and is just as addictive as the first version was, so download figures like Apple’s iOS version will be easily obtainable.

As you can see from the video, a lot has changed since the first one, starting with a new location but moving on to jumping up and grabbing ropes and sliding down them, climbing into underground mining carts on tracks, running on brick paths and in amongst the trees jumping over death traps, sliding under flames and concrete structures.

The game makes you feel a lot more involved, it isn’t just straight lines anymore but left and right bends, up and down slopes, sliding on ropes and in the aforementioned mining carts which gives the game a far greater depth.

Temple Run 2 is free on both Android and iOS, and has no ads to spam and ruin your gameplay. There are in-app purchases such as extra emerald gems to respawn your player if you come to an untimely death, but I do personally find that cheating as you can win and collect them anyway. The game requires Apple users to have at least an iPhone 3GS running iOS 4.2 or later, but works better on the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S and is optimised for the Apple iPhone 5′s larger screen. On Android it simply requires your phone to run v2.1 Eclair, however of course with all graphic intensive games such as this the bigger your phone’s RAM and GPU performance, the smoother the gameplay will be. A decent screen size can be preferred for a game such as this, I suggest not going smaller than a 4.3″ screen such as a Sony Xperia S as with having to touch the screen to control “Guy Dangerous” or Scarlett Fox” you don’t want to cover half the game with your thumb!

I’ve deliberately left superlatives to a minimum to encourage you to play the game and decide yourself how to describe the game, suffice it to say I have already dedicated several hours of my life to this game in 4 days alone, and thoroughly enjoy it. One might say this game is awesomnal!

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